Info about Twilight, the first book in the saga.

Click here for the Twilight Lexicon’s chapter summaries.

    …and here for Stephenie Meyer’s “story behind Twilight.”

Listen to the Twilight Playlist

Not everything can be put in the final copy (but that doesn’t mean the author throws it away!) Stephenie has posted some outtakes (bits and pieces of the story that she wrote, but then removed from the final copy) on her website. **Remember these are all property of Stephenie Meyer!
Intro Page
Original Chapter 20 “Flight” A.K.A. Shopping with Alice
Emmett and The Bear
Extended Prom Remix

Stephenie went to Forks to research her writing! See her story here.

Twilight doesn’t look the same everywhere. See the international covers here.

If you’re an auto junkie and want to know more about the Cullen’s cars, there’s tons of info here and here.


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