Personal Correspondence

This information is ALL courtesy of the Twilight Lexicon.

There is a lot of information, so it’s divided into pages. Below the link to the page, you’ll find a list of the topics covered in that particular page of correspondence.

The Twilight Lexicon’s introduction of this material:

Here is the information sent to me in the first e-mails with regards to starting up the lexicon. I took the information and organized it so fans would have an easier time finding and accessing it. I thought it would serve as proof that I didn’t just make the information up if you could see how it first was given to me. I have spliced the question that I asked into the text so that you can see what spurred Stephenie to give me the certain bits of information. As you will see, Stephenie has a tendency to answer more than the question asked, which is a good thing! And you will also see how randomly I asked for things. Consider at the time that I was working on my own piece of fan fiction and was interested in filling in specific details. There is no rhyme or reason to the order you will find in these sections.

There are also some bits of information that came off of the various message boards around the fandom. I thank everyone who has allowed me to post this information to share with the general public. You will find links to the various sites as they are mentioned.

One||Edward’s (and the other Cullens) human life, Edward’s musical tastes, Bella’s job, the backstory on Esme and Carlisle, Cullen weddings, Pretend ages, fangs or no fangs?, eye color and other Twilight vampire facts

Two||Vampire baths, cutting fingers, publishing Edward’s version of the story, Jasper

Three||Vampire vanity, last names, more backstory on the changes, vampire blood

Four||Renee’s last name, Bella’s human friends, forged paperwork, money, physical attraction, traditional
vampire lore

Five||vamp pastimes, venomous kisses, strengths and weaknesses

Six||reading Bella’s mind, vamp school, sex, the Cullens are criminals, vampire abilities, vampire heaven, humans killing vampires

Seven||if Bella had a pet, sparkling, eating human food, the favorite child, Edward’s imperfections, talents, the woods, vampire percentages, drinking human blood, Billy’s wheelchair

Eight||transformation, limitations, the cullen house

Nine||physical chemistry, Edward’s POV, heightened senses and vampire sex, the accident, birthdays, freezing in time, close vamp relationships, Jessica and Lauren with Edward, wedding dresses, lunchroom conversation, vampires and drinking, extracurriculars, gay vampires, skiing, vampires rule the world, Stephenie’s favorites, school schedules, kissing, Rosalie

Ten||Volturi, Bella’s immunity, Jacob’s birthday, Cullen couples, Rosalie’s underestimation of Edward’s feelings, Steph’s experiences, Jasper+Alice, Jake’s mom, Vampire skin, why the Cullens left, acting less that your age, Charlie’s POV

Eleven||warm wolves, wolf transformation, Twilight humans

||the transcript of a philosophical conversation on the Lexicon that Stephenie joined in on

Missing Twilight Scene||An outtake from Twilight

Q & A at BYU Symposium, February 2007

Q & A session: Breaking Dawn Concert Tour, Chicago

Q & A session
: Breaking Dawn Concert Tour, Los Angeles

Q & A session: Breaking Dawn Concert Tour, Seattle

Midnight Sun?


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