New Moon

Info about New Moon, the second book in the Twilight Saga.

Listen to the New Moon Playlist

Twilight Lexicon Chapter Summaries

The New Moon homepage on Stephenie’s site.

The Story Behind New Moon (Spoiler alert! If you still haven’t read it, don’t read this page!)

New Moon FAQ

More Yummy Outtakes!

Steph introduces them.


The Scholarship (Love this one!)

If Jacob Didn’t Break the Rules (This one’s really cool. It’s the story of what would have happened if Jacob hadn’t broken the rules and told Bella/made her guess what he is. It’s crazy! P.S. This outtake includes the original epilogue.)

Extras—These are similar to the outtakes, but they were never actually part of the story. Stephenie wrote them after the fact in order to answer fan questions and give the fans more insight.

Her intro page.

Rosalie’s News (Her phone call to Edward about Bella jumping off the cliff–Yikes!)

Miscalculation (Almost the same time, but this time from Rose’s side)

Being Jacob Black (Stephenie’s attempt to make people stop hating Jacob–an explanation of his character)

More international book covers.


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  1. new moon is going 2 be awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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