Fun and Games

Here are a few goodies to get you started. More to come soon!

These are from His Golden Eyes.
Bella: Easy
The Cullens: Medium
Edward: Hard
Bella AND Edward: Harder
More puzzles at

Speedy Apple Game at

Play hangman at Bella and Edward.

AWESOME quizzes over at TA.


6 responses to “Fun and Games

  1. what, no games? useless.


  3. twilighttabloid

    We’re getting there, this site was just started last night.

  4. As I previously stated, I am a twilight fan. If anyone would like to contact me, I would love to chat. I also like the X-Files.

  5. please were are the games! ? :(

  6. i have to know for school perposes if jakson has any siblings!!!
    where are the games!!! :o

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