Meet the Authors

Christi :)

I’m a freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m on the colorguard and the track team there (proudly, I’ve managed to get every girl on the Samford track team addicted to Twilight, and I’m working my way through the colorguard as we speak). I’m 100% Team Edward, but I absolutely LOVE Jacob (and Taylor Lautner is ridiculously precious as well) and I think he is an essential part of Bella’s story. Yes, I’ve read evey last word of the outtakes and extras on Stephenie Meyer’s site, and I hope that one day she finishes Midnight Sun, but I completely understand and respect her current reluctance to do so. I’ve been addicted to Twilight since I first picked up my copy (if it gives you any point of reference, ALL 4 of my copies of the saga are 1st edition hardbacks—straight from the store). I stumbled upon it on accident back when it first came out. I picked it up off the shelf, thinking it was probably the only book in the Young Adult section I hadn’t read yet, flipped it over, and read the back. You know how Books-A-Million has those white price tags on the back of the book? Well, that was totally over the Edward was a vampire line. I literally found out when Bella did!  When I got to that part of the book the first time around, I stopped, closed the book, flipped it over, pulled the sticker off and thought I don’t read vampire books put it down, vowing to list it on Amazon next chance I got. 15 minutes later, I was done with the next chapter. The story is pretty obvious from that point on. :) Oh, and I also love The Host.

The Two of Us..

We’ve been best friends for long enough that it doesn’t matter anymore, and if we had our way we’d be inseperable. And, if being best friends wasn’t enough, we now feed our addiction to the Twilight series and everything related together….because some people just don’t understand. Our latest grand adventure includes a trip to TwiCon2009 in Dallas.We both have a tendency to be incredibly sarcastic, so don’t take anything we say too seriously, k?

A Word From Marci…

Thanks,Christi, for that marvelous introduction. I’m currently a freshman at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama (War Eagle!) and I issue to you a challenge to find a bigger geek than me. My interest are never-ending and widespread, but hopefully this will give you some insight into my crazy mind that many dare not enter. I adore Broadway musicals, traveling, and I never really outgrew my fascination with the Backstreet Boys. Because of my interest in travel, I discovered the Twilight series. The summer after graduation from high school, I spent a month traveling through Europe on a Lions’ Club Student Exchange program. During my stay in Italy, I made a friend with my host family there, and she asked if I liked “Twilight” (as she pronounced it, “Tweelight”). I was majorly skeptical of the whole series, mainly because the Twilight epidemic had hit my school during the previous spring, and I normally would not pick up a book about vampire love. But, being in a country where anything printed in English was an immediate comfort, I decided to give it a try. I bought the first book and within a few days, I begged my host family to take me into town to buy New Moon. At the end of the last week, I returned to the U.S. with the all three of the books that were available, with a few chapters left to finish in “Eclipse”. The following week was the debut of Breaking Dawn, which despite all the negative reviews, I actually loved! As for my alligences, I was Team Jacob all the way through the first time I read the books. I hated Edward with a fiery passion, and thought he was the worst thing that could have possibly happened to Bella. After months of anticipating the hit movie, watching Pattinson’s portrayal, re-reading the series and the partial draft of Midnight Sun and other outtakes on Stephenie’s site, I can confidently say I am Team Edward all the way. It took a little sacrifice on my usual realist point of view, but I finally understood the hype everyone else had. Unlike some, I don’t hate Jacob. Like Bella, I love them both, but when it comes down to it, I love Edward more. Besides Twilight, I actually love a lot of books and am always looking for new recommendations. I’ll talk your ear off for hours if you let me, and Lorelai Gilmore is a personal hero of mine.Like Christi mentioned, I enjoy sarcasm and jokes that go over most people’s head, so don’t say you were not warned ;)


2 responses to “Meet the Authors

  1. this is weird.

  2. I’m a 32 year old guy from SoCal with much to aspire to and this is the best blog i’ve ever seen. I’m seriously reevaluating my life up to this point due to incredible content of this blog. Thank you Christy and Marci. Thank you. :)

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