Peter Facinelli Talks New Moon

Ten years ago a fresh faced Peter Facinelli splashed onscreen in the teen comedy Can’t Hardly Wait alongside Party of Five saintly star Jennifer Love Hewitt and Family Guy funnyman Seth Green.

Quickly becoming a teen idol and the desire of millions of young adults, Peter went on to more television shows and movies that showcased his talents.

Facinelli began his career in comedy and throughout the years he has been slowly moving to the darker roles that prepared him to play the patriarch of the most famous Vampire family.

In 2002, Facinelli scored the lead in Fastlane created by McG next to Beverly Hills, 90210 vixen Tiffani Thiessen and comedian Bill Bellamy, but sadly after only 22 wonderful episode, production ended. Peter jumped back and forth from television to film. Throughout time Facinelli moved on to play darker more serious characters on the HBO hit Six Feet Under, Damages and most notably playing Carlisle Cullen in Twilight.

Twilight is with a doubt the hottest film to hit the big screen and we are thankful that they cast Peter Facinelli as the caring and loyal Carlisle Cullen. The father of three is able to bring his compassion alive on screen; his years at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School give Peter the confidence that Carlisle demands and balance that Peter carries throughout his daily life is emulated through Carlisle. PopStar got down to business with Peter Facinelli and asked all the questions that have been weighing on your mind.

Peter Facinelli, 36, plays Carlisle Cullen, the leader and patriarch of the Cullen family in the film adaption of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Peter and Carlisle are very similar in that they are very confident individuals that have immense compassion and respect for their family and friends. This past November, Peter Facinelli, brought the 350 year old Carlisle Cullen out of the pages of Meyer’s book and onto the big screen for all of us to enjoy.

In the next coming weeks Peter will have to depart from Los Angles and head into Vampire and Werewolf country to begin filming New Moon, the second film in the Twilight Saga. Although Peter’s role is lighter in the second book, it does not stop his enthusiasm and joy for the upcoming project. PopStar spoke with the compassionate actor, who was quick to talk about his thoughts on New Moon, the Cullen family and how he balances super-stardom and parenthood.
Peter Facinelli Interview

PopStar: New Moon begins filming in a couple of weeks. What are you most looking forward to?
Peter Facinelli: In general, the second book, New Moon, is really interesting because of the way it delves into the American Indians part of Jacob’s story. It has a lot more special effects with the werewolves; I am excited to see how that all comes out. I am also excited that Chris Weitz will be building this world.

PopStar: You play Carlisle, the patriarch of the Cullen family. What can we expect to see from Carlisle in New Moon?
Peter Facinelli: The Cullen family does not have much to do in the second book but there are important scenes. The beginning part is what really launches the Cullen family into hiding because Jasper basically attacks Bella and we realize that it might be too dangerous for her, so we pack up our bags and head out of town. That launches Bella’s journey with Jacob and how she finds out about his side of the family. The vote at the end is pretty important as well because they vote on whether Bella will become part of the family as a vampire or not. Those two things are very crucial; there is not much but it is important. I have a really nice scene with Bella where I am stitching up her finger and we are talking about how Carlisle feels about vampires and how it differs from Edward.

PopStar: In Twilight, we got a little bit of back story on Carlisle. Do you think that we will learn much more about him and his family in New Moon?
Peter Facinelli: I don’t know. I really think that this film touches more upon the Native American Indians, Bella’s relationship with Jacob and her yearning for Edward. So I don’t know how much of that will play into New Moon. In the third book, I know it goes a lot into the family history. I am excited to film the third book as well because the third book has lot to do with the Cullen Family.

PopStar: Can you identify at all with your character Carlisle?
Peter Facinelli: Yes, there are certain parts of Carlisle that I identify with. Him being the patriarch of the family and him having these kids he looks after. I like to think that I have a lot of compassion for my family and other humans, which Carlisle has. The things that differ for me is I had to figure out how to bring 350 years of knowledge to the screen. He is a guy who has a lot of wisdom and power in movements.

PopStar: Carlisle is very caring and nurturing in the books but who would you say is the caretaker on set?
Peter Facinelli: That is a tough one because they are all such great people. We all care about each other a lot. It really is like a family on and off the set.

PopStar: Last year while filming Twilight, some fans would show up on set. Do you think fans will show up to the New Moon set and if so what are your thoughts?
Peter Facinelli: Probably. We had a little bit of that on the first one and the movie was not even released yet so I can’t imagine, I am sure they will beef up the security for the second one. For the first one we had a lot of fans come out and they were very respectful but again I cannot imagine what the second one will be like. It’s not like they will be stealing any plot points, if you want any you can just read the book. Some movies are secretive where they don’t want to give away any spoilers but this is based on a book and we want to keep it close to the book. People just want to see the book put onscreen and there really are not spoilers to be had.

PopStar: Probably the most crucial question ever asked. Do you think that Bella made the right decision picking Edward over Jacob?
Peter Facinelli: That is a tough one. As a reader I was torn, but looking on as Carlisle, I am happy that she did pick our family. She gave up a lot in order to become one of us but she got back a lot. What she got in return was eternal love, so you can’t really beat that.

PopStar: I have seen your name on many Twilight conventions guest lists. Have you ever done conventions before? Are you excited to connect with the fans?
Peter Facinelli: I have never done one and I did my first about a week ago and I am going to do another one in San Francisco and England. The fans have been so great, I feel like it is nice to be able to give back and show up and show our appreciation to the fans. They have all been so respectful, nice and happy!

PopStar: You have a new show coming out on Showtime called Nurse Jackie. Can you tell us a little bit about the show and the character you will be playing?
Peter Facinelli: It’s a Showtime series called Nurse Jackie staring Edie Falco. It’s a half hour dramedy and I play Doctor Cooper. So I am playing another doctor role but this doctor is quite different. He has a lot of complexity about him in the sense that he is very cool and confident on the outside and on the inside he is a bundle of nerves. He is very opposite of Carlisle. Carlisle always remain calm, he’s seen it all, been there and done it all and has super confidence about him. The character I play in Nurse Jackie is very different.

: You have three beautiful daughters, a TV star wife, and your starring in one of the biggest movie franchise of the 21st century. How do you balance all of this?
Peter Facinelli: Well I’m at my daughter’s soccer field with one foot on the ball and I’m on my cellphone talking to you. It’s a little bit of a balance but I find time for both. I’m a big believer in quality with the family and doing stuff with them. Sometimes I might be away for a couple of weeks but when I do come home I am there for concentrated periods of time and we do some great things together.

PopStar: Which is your favorite Twilight book?
Peter Facinelli: I am one of the biggest fans of the books. I like Eclipse because it has a lot of action in it. Twilight is a close second because it gave such a great setup to this world but Eclipse has a lot of back story on the family and I am excited to shoot the third one. The fourth one is really interesting too!

PopStar: Message to the fans.
Peter Facinelli: I have been overwhelmed by the support I have gotten on this film. I hope they continue their support for the rest of the films and we are hoping to make good movies that they enjoy.



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