Twilight The Musical

For almost two years a dedicated team of Twilighters have been planning to create a musical based on the Twilight books. Much of that team went on to form Vampire Rock band Zenith, winners of the recent Battle of the Twilight Bands. The team has been working very hard over the past few months to make this dream a reality and we are now in a position to begin casting. We have lots of roles to fill and we only have so many band members, and we have decided that the best option is to hold a series of American-Idol-like auditions. Think “Forks Idol”.

If you are a musical Twilighter – whether you sing or play an instrument – then we want to hear from you. Fans of all ages and from all races are welcome to take part – though applicants below eighteen years of age must have parental consent. Auditions, rehearsals and performance will all take place over the Internet so there is no need to travel or to meet up with anyone you don’t know. All you need is an Internet connection, a working microphone (or web cam if you prefer) and basic recording software. We recommend Audacity which can be downloaded free of charge from SourceForge.

There will be nine rounds altogether, each singer who reaches round four is guaranteed a part and from then on we will be concentrating on assigning specific characters. Because those playing instruments will not have to be assigned a character they will only need to get through the first three rounds.

All you have to do to get involved is record yourself singing or playing a song of musical piece of your choice, save it and email it to us. Singing auditions should be sent to vocal [at] and instrumental auditions should be sent to orchestra [at] For security reasons files that have been zipped or that have been saved in an unrecognizable format cannot be accepted. All entries must be in by the end of March 15th 2009 and those going through to the second round will be announced on March 20th.

Visit the site.


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