Twilight Sweethearts Are Here!

I went to my local FYE this afternoon and purchased three boxes of the Twilight Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. We opened one of them, I wanted to see what they looked like and my children were very interested in eating them. There are three collector’s boxes. Number 1 has the cast, number 2 is Edward and number 3 is Bella.

I did these on my scanner and apparently moved them during the scan of the Bella box and I missed the very edges of the first box, but you get the idea.
The back of the boxes have Twilight “trivia” on them. It really bugs me that everything put out lists Edward’s full name as Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. If you reference his Twilight Lexicon bio, you see that his name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Just one of my pet peeves. You can read the boxes when you click on the picture.
Here they are, unboxed and on the loose! The sparkly ones were really neat. Some of the sayings are great too. Along with the expected Bite Me and Soul Mate, there are Forks, Bad Guy, Trust Me, I Trust You… You can actually read some of them if you click on this picture
And of course…a heart shape
The cashier told me that they’d just put these out around noon and they were already selling really well. I am not surprised. While I was there I pre-ordred my DVD and picked up the DVD and photo collection box set. I must admit, opening it, looking through the pictures and contemplating the midnight release, I became a little giddy…

I may go by tomorrow and pick up some more to use for a giveaway so keep checking back for details!
Update: I neglected to mention the taste. They are most certainly fruity. If you like the traditional conversation hearts and you like fruit flavors, you’ll probably like these. They taste a bit like a cross between the regular hearts and a starburst. Alas, after eating some last night, I did not dream of Edward…

See pictures here.


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