Robert Pattinson Not Working With Ben Barnes, Missing Out, Music Regret, Hated Cedric Diggory

Twilight fans might be disappointed to learn that Ben Barnes won’t be playing Aro in New Moon.

You might know Ben from his roles in Stardust, Bigga Than Ben and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

The British hunk was rumoured to be on his way to the set but his agent insists that isn’t the case.

He told OK magazine: “Although Ben has enjoyed much of the speculation, we haven’t had any calls.

“There’s no truth to it.”

It’s a real shame Ben won’t be acting alongside Robert Pattinson.

It would have been nice for Rob to have another Londoner to talk to. Ben might have helped Rob feel less homesick.


Robert Pattinson really feels like he is missing out now he is famous.

Before, he could go anywhere he wanted and do whatever he wanted without being followed.

Rob told the National Post: “I used to love playing live at open mics at bars. You could go nuts and be completely free.

“It would be a cathartic experience for me.”

Rob doesn’t feel like he can do open mic nights anymore.

He added: “I’ve lost a huge chunk of my life.”

We think it’s a real shame as Rob, Kristen Stewart and Jackson Rathbone all performed together in a bar whilst they were filming Twilight.

It’s amazing how much Rob’s life has changed in a few short months.


Robert Pattinson has allegedly said no to recording any tracks for the New Moon soundtrack.

His fans might have to wait a while before they hear him perform live again.

Rob told The Philippine Daily Inquirer: “I was in a band years ago. Not like a proper band but I had kind of roll-on, roll-off musicians.

“I still try and play but it’s weird now since when I’m trying to do it as an actor, it always seems kind of cheesy.

“I liked playing at open mikes in bars and stuff because it was the only time I really felt free. I did a couple of gigs in LA and people filmed and put them on the Internet.”

This seems to have really upset Rob.

He added: “It just ruins the whole experience. You’re like ‘Oh, that wasn’t the point.’ So I stopped.

“I’m going to wait for all this to die down before I start doing live gigs again.”


We might have loved Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter but Robert Pattinson wasn’t so keen.

Rob did enjoy playing the Hufflepuff Quidditch captain but doesn’t normally like people like Cedric.

He told the BBC: “I hope I’m not that close to my character. I hate him.

“I used to hate everybody like Cedric (Diggory) in my school.”

Rob found acting on the Harry Potter set quite stressful.

He added: “On Harry Potter I was so consciously of the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing.

“I used to sit on the side of the set throwing up.”

We are so glad that Rob kept up the acting and became our real life Edward Cullen.



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