Rachelle Lefevre Talks New Moon

Rachelle Lefevre Talks About New Moon
From Access Hollywood:

Rachel Lefevre is not a big Hollywood star yet. In fact, the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards are her first awards show ever. And she told Access Hollywood’s Dish of Salt, Laura Saltman, that she adheres closely to a piece of advice that she once heard from George Clooney; “Never go to an awards show, unless you’re invited.”

Rachel has heard all of the “New Moon” rumors that we’ve all heard – about Dakota Fanning, AnnaLynne McCord, Vanessa Hudgens and Madonna. And about the Madonna rumor she says, “I’ve heard that one too. And if I saw her, I’d march right up to her and shake her and say, ‘We’re in the same project!’”

As for “High School Musical’s” Vanessa, Rachel says that the cast hardly knows anything about all of “the rumors,” but that she heard Vanessa Hudgens was, “in… then out… and now maybe back in again.”

Rachel is excited for the third installment of “The Twilight Saga” because there’s a huge fight scene for her in it.

Moreover, she says that she just started training for the wire work stunts in “New Moon.”

She also tells Access that she is doing a special new workout training program, only available in Hollywood, called “GST.”

So look for a buffed up Rachel in “New Moon”!


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