Jackson Rathbone Loves His Twilight Look

Jackson Rathbone loved transforming into Jasper Hale.

When Teen mag asked Jackson if he enjoyed changing his appearance to play Jasper he replied: “I really enjoyed it.

“I was always a character actor when I was in theatre. I kind of find that it helps the audience, especially with Jasper.

“I mean I’m not actually blonde so I had to bleach my hair blonde. I’m fairly pale. I’m more of an indoor sports kind of guy.

“I’m a musician so I spent most of my time awake at night and in the recording studio tucked away from the sun.

“But I really do love to change appearances for a lot of the characters I play.”

We loved Jackson in Twilight and can’t wait to see him in New Moon.



One response to “Jackson Rathbone Loves His Twilight Look

  1. I had a nice time hearing your band at the twitour

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