Long-Awaited Updates

Sorry this post has taken so long! The servers have been acting funny lately.  So this is REALLY long, I’ve been collecting everything for almost a week! There aren’t as many full stories in this post (otherwise it would have been a novel) so you might have to do a bit more clicking around than usual. There will certainly be more soon, this isn’t everything.

Jackson Copies Rob

Jackson Rathbone is copying Robert Pattinson and has decided against a Facebook account.
This could prove to be a wise move as Jackson will be playing Jasper Hale again in New Moon and his fan base will no doubt continue to grow.
Jackson told Seventeen: “I stay away from Facebook and MySpace. Whenever I go out with a friend, they’re like ‘I didn’t know you had a MySpace.’ I don’t have a MySpace.
“There’s actually three MySpaces for Jackson Rathbone. I don’t know who these people are but they’re not me!”
Jackson really misses his friends and family back home.
He says: “I miss Texas so bad. That’s the hard part about being out here in L.A., trying to pursue acting and music and lighting and production and stuff.
“It takes a lot of time out from your personal life, and I can only get back to Texas three times a year at most. It’s tough.”

Robert Pattinson Battles With Kellan Lutz

Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz can’t wait to get stuck into New Moon.
All the cast got on like a house on fire during the filming of Twilight and are thrilled they get to reunite for New Moon.
It is thought that Rob will be spending most of his time waiting around as Edward Cullen is hardly in the film.
Kellan recently admitted to Seventeen magazine: “I bet on everything. Everything.
“It’s just like, ‘I bet you I can spin my chair longer.’ Everything, I say ‘I bet you.’
“I love to win.”
Sounds like he’ll be challenging Rob to a few dare battles whilst he’s waiting to shoot his scenes.


Nikki Reed Calls Robert Pattinson ‘Fascinating, Multi-Talented Human Being’

Nikki Reed makes no attempt to hide her praise for “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson, telling 944 Magazine’s Young Hollywood issue, “I respect him a lot. He’s a fascinating, multi-talented human being.” Also sharing some of her other personal issues, the actress goes on to dish about her celebrity crushes and favorite food.

“Pre-surgery Michael Jackson,” Nikki mentions one of her old-school celebrity crushes. “Gregory Peck and Robert Redford in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'”, she then adds.

Admitting in further interview that she never knows if she would ever drink blood like her vampire character Rosalie Hale in “Twilight,” Nikki tells 944 she indeed loves eating “uncooked steak.”

Up next for Nikki Reed concerning her acting career is reprising her role in the much anticipated “New Moon.” The drama-romance-thriller will also see Robert Pattinson and his on-screen lover Kristen Stewart reprising their roles. The film won’t hit the U.S. theaters until November 20 later this year.

TA has the weekly list of Book Charts from Around The World

Click here to see where Twilight falls.

Robert Pattinson is Very Vogue

Gossip Girls has caught up with Rob Pattinson and snagged some delicious photos. P.S.—His hair is growing back! :)
“With his hair slowly but surely growing back, Robert Pattinson was spotted out at the Vogue Dinner hosted by Alexandra Shulman and Nick Jones on Friday night (February 6).
Held at Cecconi’s in London, the “Twilight” hunk sported a charcoal jacket over a navy buttondown shirt with black trousers and Nike’s as he mingled with guests including Tom Sturridge and Andrew Garfield.
And while on this particular night he was out for Vogue, recent chatter tells that Robert is pegged as the April 2009 coverboy for GQ magazine.
Ever the hot property these days, Pattinson and his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart have been featured on the March cover of Australia’s “Girlfriend” magazine, as well.”
See the pics here!

TDINK Talks to Christian Serratos

“18 year old Christian Serratos stands 5’7 and exudes a playful presence the moment she enters the room. She is multi-talented, beautiful and has a knack for self-expression. The Twilight star hails from Los Angeles and got her start in the business by modeling. Soon she was acting, singing, ice skating and making jewelry. Let’s see what she had to say:”
Click To Read More
They also talked to Billy Burke. Read his interview here.

Eclipse Auditions, Anyone?

Acting Auditions has an article about auditions for Eclipse and the rights to Breaking Dawn. Read it here.

Read a Blog On the New Moon Casting Call

This is pretty interesting, read it here.

Robert Pattinson is Too Loveable

No one can ever be mad with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson.
Even when he is late for interviews or photo shoots people forgive him.
A source told J14 magazine: “Rob showed up two hours late to the L.A. photo studio.
“Even though everyone was annoyed, all was forgotten when he uttered in his soft and intoxicating British accent, “I’m so sorry I’m late – I overslept!
“Before walking over to pose for the cameras, Rob quickly grabbed a can of coke just before the bulbs began to flash.
“He was completely gracious the entire time, while cracking jokes about being late.”
Rob isn’t at all diva-ish: “At the end of the shoot, Rob went around and thanked everyone for their time.”


Robert Pattinson’s Attractive Silence

Robert Pattinson thinks he knows why young girls find him so attractive.
It isn’t his hair, or his accent – according to Rob it’s his quietness.
When he was asked by Creme magazine whether he stayed in character during the filming of Twilight he replied: “Well, sort of.
“I mean, I didn’t say much. I thought that would be best – oh no, I’m revealing all my tricks! (Laughs)
“But I thought the best way to do it would be to not say anything to the rest of the cast.
“So, I didn’t talk to any member of the cast about anything but the movie.
“I think that always makes you more attractive if you don’t say anything so I was trying to do that.”


Design Tavern: Interview With The Architect of the Cullen House

Read it here

Robert Pattinson Needs A Body Guard

Robert Pattinson needs bodyguards to protect him when he goes out onto the street.
He gets mobbed by fans wherever he goes.
Rob told the LA Times: “It’s kind of like being in some medieval battle (laughs).
“I mean I guess that’s the closest analogy, especially after yesterday. A ton of people ran down the street outside the Apple store.
“I felt like I was literally being charged by Celts (laughs).”
When he was asked how many bodyguards he has when he does big events, Rob replied: “It depends.
“I don’t know how many there were yesterday, but there were like NYPD cops everywhere! It was completely crazy.
“There were four guys just literally carrying me out of the place (laughs). It was quite funny.”


Robert Pattinson’s Complicated Label

Robert Pattinson is too complicated for his Twilight co-stars.
When J-14 asked Nikki Reed (who plays Rosalie Hale in the movie) to describe the Twilight guys in one word each she needed help from Kristen Stewart.
Both girls picked “complicated” for Rob. Nikki said: “There’s more of a story, which I shall not speak of.”
We would have picked “sexy”, “charming” or “divine.”
Nikki said Kellan Lutz was “gorgeous” and Jackson Rathbone was “artsy.”
Bad boy Cam Gigandet is just a “teddy bear” according to the girls.
Poor Taylor Lautner didn’t even get a mention which seems strange.


Twilight Up For NME Award

The Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 nominees have been announced. Your votes have been counted and the shortlists now need your vote to decide the winners.
The Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 will take place at London’s Brixton Academy on February 25 followed by the incredible Big Gig at the O2 Arena on February 26, headlined by our Godlike Genius award winners The Cure.
-Twilight has been nominated for “Best Film of the Year” at the NME Awards 2009.
-Muse are nominated under Best British Band, Best Live Band, Best DVD, and Best Album Artwork.
-Matt Bellamy is nominated for Sexiest Male.
-Laura Marling is nominated for Best Solo Artist.
-Hayley Williams is up for Sexiest Woman.

Click here to Vote!

TV Guide Interview With Sarah Clarke

TVGuide.com: Between Thirteen and Twilight and Trust Me, do you think you’re well prepared for when your own daughter one day becomes a teenager?
Clarke: [Laughs] It’s a freaky prospect! My daughter is only 2, so I’m slowly becoming prepared.
TVGuide.com: Are you on board for the Twilight sequel, New Moon?
Clarke: You know, they still haven’t told me. They’re being so secretive about it. They know I’m doing press for Trust Me, so they haven’t told me anything yet. I think they don’t want anything to get out.
TVGuide.com: Have you read ahead with the other books to see what Bella’s mom gets to do?
Clarke: I have, and I know I’m involved, but the mother is such a strange role, I have to say. My instincts as a mother would never jibe with half the things Renee does.
TVGuide.com: We’d be worried if they did!
Clarke: Even with the first book, I remember reading that the mother was always on the phone, whining. What’s interesting in that? Luckily, Catherine [Hardwicke, who also wrote and directed Thirteen] gave me a lot more fun things to do, and gave us a real relationship. So that’s the big question for the second book, where again the mother is relegated to the phone. I don’t know if they’ll stay true to that.
TVGuide.com: If you as a teenager had to choose between a vampire boy and a werewolf, which way do you think you’d lean?
Clarke: Oh, I’d definitely go vampire. Werewolves are too hairy.
TVGuide.com: But wouldn’t the hickeys be worse?
Clarke: Maybe. But you could wear a turtleneck.

Star Sightings In Bulk

Click to check out the latest sightings of Kellan Lutz Getting “Lost” In Los Angeles, and buying Scooters, watch Taylor Lautner play Guitar Hero (He can be my guitar hero, anyday) , and Rob out clubbing in London.

Well. This Video Is Interesting, Anyhow

Funny interview from the Twilight Premiere.

Times Columnist: Tantrums And Tears at Twilight Audition

Tears and arguments broke out Sunday as hundreds of first nations teenagers from all over North America were turned away from a casting call for New Moon, the sequel to last year’s vampiric blockbuster Twilight.
Some of the young people, who had flown in from as far away as Florida, began lining up as early as 5 a.m. at Second Avenue Studios in Vancouver’s Main Street area.
So when casting assistants told the crowd at 12:30 p.m. that no more people would be allowed in the building, the hundreds left outside were heartbroken.
Some even turned on those who had barely made it through, hurling accusations of cutting in line.
Rosanna Razor, 22, was one of the disappointed fans who didn’t get a chance to meet the casting director.
“It sucks,” she said. “I was here since 9 a.m. I came up from Seattle.”
The crowd flooded to the open casting call as a result of ads posted on Craigslist a few weeks ago for “any first nations/aboriginal actors and actresses between the ages of 15 and 25” available to film between March and May.
New Moon, based on the second book in the Twilight series, follows the main character Bella and her time spent with friend and Quileute Jacob Black on the La Push reservation in northern Washington.
“This is more than we expected,” said Bim Narine, a casting assistant at Vancouver’s Aikins/Cossey. “It’s definitely a good turnout.”
The fans and aspiring actors in the crowd, which ran all the way down Second Avenue and around the corner of Crowe Street, came clutching copies of New Moon and headshots.
Some, like 17-year-old Jenny Gustafson, wrapped themselves in blankets to fight the cold and ease the jitters.
“I’m from the San Juan Islands near Friday Harbor,” the half-Athabascan teenager said, huddled in a black-and-blue fleece wrap.
Gustafson and her mother, Mary Long, had to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. ferry.
Even though Gustafson had no previous acting experience, her love for Stephenie Meyer’s series was more than enough motivation for the trek.
“I like any romance novel, and this one was kind of unique because of the forbidden love thing,” she said.
“I thought something would come up and she’d forget about it,” Long laughed at the mention of this teenage craze. “I hate to get up early. But she pushed through.
“Then again, it’s an experience,” she continued. “I told these guys around me who are getting discouraged and worried that, either they’re going to be in it or they’ll say, ‘Hey, I was standing beside that guy!’ So that’s gotta mean something, right?”
Jason Allen, 22, a firefighter from Portland, had some friends who saw the ad and insisted he come up to Vancouver.
He was happy he did.
Just before noon, Allen walked out of the studio with a smile on his face, a piece of white paper in his hand and an audition time scheduled for the afternoon.
“I haven’t even had a chance to look at the script yet!” he said, pointing to the dialogue on the page in his hand, his voice shaking with excitement.
Allen also admitted to not reading the entire series, save for a bit of Twilight.
However, the buzz surrounding the New Moon film—and the thought of taking a vacation from work—was appealing.
“If I get it, that’s great. If not, I still love my job,” he said.
Scripts were only handed out to successful candidates who met casting director Stuart Aikins’ pre-screening requirements.
Although there was some mystery about which movie the casting call was for, the audition text, which blacked out any familiar Twilight names, was still recognizable to fans.
One script was pointed out as being the dialogue between Bella and Embry at the bottom of page 327 in the book.
Razor, who was disappointed about not getting into the studio, said she wanted to be one of the aboriginals to promote the first nations nationality in the movie.
“This is a proud moment for me,” she said. “Native people don’t always get opportunities like this and I thought it would be really cool to be a part of it.”

TA: Top Ten Words To Add To Webster’s Dictionary in 2009

10. Twife (Wife)
– A female Twilight fan joined in marriage. (example: My Twife forgot to make dinner again tonight because she was re-reading ‘Twilight’.)
9. Twitchy (Twitchy)
– Having an involuntary, spasmodic movement of a muscle; or tic that happens when you haven’t had your ‘Twilight’/TA fix for the day.
8. Robsessed (Obsessed)
– Having or displaying signs of an obsession with ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson.
7. Fangdom (Fandom)
– Fans collectively, as of the motion-picture or book series ‘Twilight’
6. Cullenize
– To alter one’s image (photographic, or otherwise) for the purpose of making them appear to be a member of the Cullen Family.
5. Twefrence (Reference)
– An act or instance of referring an everyday scenario to the ‘Twilight’ saga. (example: I made the best Tweference in class today when my teacher was lecturing about new moons!)
4. Fursplode (Explode)
– To expand with force, burst forth, and phase into wolf form. (example: Jacob Black fursploded after an argument with pack member Paul)
3. Vamptastic (Fantastic)
– Incredibly great or extreme; exorbitant. (example: My friend convinced me to read the ‘Twilight’ saga, she is vamptastic!)
2. Fanpire (Fan)
– An enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of vampires; specifically relating to the ‘Twilight’ saga.
1. Twerd (Twilight Nerd)
-A person having an extraordinarily high intelligence relating to the ‘Twilight’ saga.

Times of The Internet: Why Jacob Black is Better For Bella Than Edward

Even though Edward Cullen captured Bella Swan’s heart in Twilight, here are the reasons I think that Jacob Black is a better match for her.
1. He’s tall, dark and handsome. Unlike Edward Cullen, his complexion isn’t the same color as “Plaster of Paris.”
Even though Edward Cullen’s skin glitters like diamonds in the sunlight, his aversion to the sun would likely put a rift in any relationship.
Did I mention that Jacob Black has perfect teeth?
2. Jacob has Bella’s best interest at heart. Bella and Jacob have known each other since they were small children, so he cares more about her than Edward does.
3. Edward’s family is still a bunch of vampires. If you think it’s hard to be a human vegetarian, imagine how difficult it is to be a vegetarian vampire. The very scent of blood could be enough to turn Bella into a dinner feast – in fact, Edward had a difficult time pulling away when he had to remove James’ venom in Twilight, so she should be concerned about being turned into eats.
4. Edward is always trying to pull away. Let’s face it. Relationships can be a real pain in the butt, especially if the object of your affection
is always trying to push you away. Bella deserves more than just a broken heart.
5. Werewolves are cooler. They have better eyesight, hearing and can run freely all day long. Since vampires never sleep being in a relationship with them gets tiresome. A girl needs her ‘beauty rest’ after all.
I, for one, look forward to seeing Jacob Black as a leading man in New Moon. The sequel begins production next month and stars Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black and Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen. New Moon has a US theatrical release date of November 20, 2009.

S Darko is going Striaght To DVD. Sad.


Robert Pattinson Relates To Dali

Robert Pattinson learnt a lot during the filming of Little Ashes.
Rob loves a challenge and enjoyed played a character very different from Cedric Diggory.
He told the Mirror: “I didn’t want to get stuck in pretty, public school roles, or I knew I’d end up as some sort of caricature.
“Playing Dali has been a complete turning point for me. It’s the first part I’ve had that has required really serious thought.
“I became completely obsessed with Dali during the filming, and I read every biography I could get hold of.
“He was the most bizarre, complex man, but in the end I felt I could relate to him.”
Little Ashes will be a massive movie now Robert Pattinson is one of the most in demand young actors in Hollywood.


Robert Pattinson’s Exam Success

Robert Pattinson loves proving people wrong.
Thousands of fans thought he couldn’t play Edward Cullen – but he put in such a great performance that he is tipped to be the next Brad Pitt.
Rob also proved his dad wrong when he thought he wouldn’t do well in his exams.
The Twilight actor explained to the Daily Mirror: “I was at a small private school in London, I wasn’t very academic.
“My dad said to me, ‘OK, you might as well leave, since you’re not working very hard’.
“When I told I him wanted to stay on for my A-levels, he said I’d have to pay my own fees, then he’d pay me back if I got good grades.”
Rob put in the work and came out with an A and two Bs – but his father still didn’t pay.
He added: “My dad told me a lot of stories. I would never buy a car from him.”


Robert Pattinson Stays Grounded

Robert Pattinson isn’t going to get big headed.
The British actor knows that his fame could disappear in an instant.
Rob told The Improper: “You know, I’ve failed at so many things in my life that I’m not afraid of anything anymore.
“So now I’m like, ‘If it crashes, it crashes (laughs) who cares?”
Rob’s mum is also going to help him stay grounded.
He explains: “My mum still thinks I’m an idiot.
“I’d describe myself as laid-back and not vain.”


Interviews With Kristen And Rob

I’m in a hotel where the interview will take place. Robert is late, although understandably so. He’s been doing interviews all day, so I try to be patient. Suddenly, the door opens and Robert walks in apologizing with a very thick British accents that makes you melt. He’s tall and thin, he has a very pale skin. He’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt under another shirt. He’s hair is messy and it looks as though he had fallen asleep. He plays with a bottle of coke. When he finally sits down we start out interview…
Was it fun playing a vampire?
I don’t think I’m playing a vampire. I don’t think I even look like one, do I? (laughs) I would’ve loved it if Edward had been the typical vampire we’re all familiar with, because the vampires in Twilight are too weird. They’re very pale, they have strange eyes, but they’re so normal and they can live in the real world without rasing any suspicions. On the other hand, I was very fun. I had to do action sequences and I had to climb trees (laughs).
You mention real vampires, are you a fan of vampire movies?
Well, in this film I’m not scary. I’m not like Nosferatu. I want to be that kind of vampire, that would be cool. But as you know, this film is not about vampire clichés, so I played him like he had a disease, like you’re not the same person after someone bites you because you wake up three days later wanting to kill people. You’re a thousand times stronger and faster, and you’re going to live forever and if you think about it, that must be horrible!
What was the hardest part of playing Edward?
Edward has a certain aura that makes people be scared of him instinctively and they don’t know why. I really love that, but I think that’s hard to show on screen so I would imagine him as a lion who was in the jungle surrounded by animals, they know he’s not hunting but they keep their distance. And that was something I really wanted to add to the movie, in fact there’s a scene in which all the birds literally fly away as soon as I walk by, and this gives you the idea. But I think that was the hardest thing to show (he pauses). Well that, and being the most beautiful man in the world! (laughs). But there’s nothing I could do about that.
How did you develope your vampire abilities?
I read you wrote a journal as Edward. Are you planning on publishing that?It wasn’t exactly a journal. I don’t know how it started (laughs) but I hadn’t realized how difficult it was going to be to play Edward until I started reading the script. He’s a very complex character. So I moved to Portland on my own two or three months before filming began and I didn’t do anything but read the script and books to find anything that helped me play him. So I started to write things. I mean, if you really prepare for a role, there’s going to be a moment in which he’s all you can think of. So I did things like little suicide notes. I was a little worrysome actually (bursts out laughing).

It’s 2 o’clock in an exclusive hotel in Beverly Hills where we are interviewing Kristen Stewart. She rushes in. She’s been doing interviews all day. She says hello and it catches my attention that she’s wearing jeans, sneakers, a loose T-shirt and a plaid shirt tied around her waist and not a drop of make up. I didn’t expect her to be so casual since she’s the star of the movie. I notice she’s very nervous. She tells me that it doesn’t matter how many times she’s done inteviews, she doesn’t get used to being the center of attention. We start our interview…
Do you like vampire stories?
I love the themes they represent. They question mortality. I love than in Twilight almost everything is a life or death situation, and then there’s the whole ‘forbidden fruit’ thing. All of that is always present and I love it.
But have you ever been interested in vampires?
I’ve always had a fascination with vampires. In fact, when I was a kid I dressed as Dracula for Halloween. I loved it ’cause I thought I looked so cool.
What do you have in common with her, since she’s an average girl, not popular. Do you relate to her?
Yes, in the sense that I was never one of those girls who goes to the cafeteria and completely rules the school. I completely relate to that part, like you believe you’re not supossed to be the popular girl, you’d rather be someone else, and she’s like that. She can’t understand why everyone is so interested in her. Like everyone has a sort of fixation about her.
And why do you think the world is attracted to a character like Bella?
Bella has an amazing will power. Edward can read minds, but not hers. And in the next books she has a very strong mentality and she tries to protect others. But she’s not aware of that. So when Edward tells her he can’t read her mind she immediatly thinks there’s something wrong with her. And that’s funny about this girl, she doesn’t realize she’s immerse in this fantasy world.
What’s your favorite character in the book?
I like Edward he’s a very interesting character. On the outside he seems very confident, handsome. He’s the ideal man everybody wants. But he’s all alone. All the girls want him because they think he’s perfect, but he’s not.
Full interviews here

Crème Magazine: Interview With The Vampire

At Creme we get all the hard jobs and the worst luck. When Twilight went absolutely bananas at the NZ box office we got the chance to run this interview with none other than the hot, hot, HOT Robert Pattinson!
Clearly you and Kristen have great chemistry! Do you think you can cultivate that kind of thing, or is it a case of either you have it or you don’t?
In a way I think you can cultivate it – to an extent. You need to be quite committed to it but definitely from the beginning there was that thing with Kristen and I felt like it was right. On the other hand, if you stay somewhat in character the whole time it eventually starts to rub off.
So you stayed in character?
Well, sort of. I mean, I didn’t say much. I thought that would be best – oh no, I’m revealing all my tricks! (Laughs) But I thought the best way to do it would be to not say anything to the rest of the cast. So, I didn’t talk to any member of the cast about anything but the movie. I think that always makes you more attractive if you don’t say anything so I was trying to do that.
Like Edward, you seem a bit offbeat – do you relate to him on that level?
Yeah, I think I tried to make the character more like that because I get he is supposed to be straight-laced in a lot of ways in the book and I didn’t see how to play that in a way that would seem attractive to people who don’t know about the book.
What do you think it is about this book that has created this phenomenon? It’s more than just a teen obsessive love story…
I think there’s quite a few different things. I think one of the things, the initial appeal, when I first read it when it wasn’t so hyped, I read it and I thought this is weird. It’s like Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy. It seemed like the author thought she was Bella – there are so many things about Edward’s character that was so specific. So in a lot of ways you feel very voyeuristic and that was one of the strange things which put me off it, to be honest, but then when I started doing the job that’s what I liked about it.

UCLA Screening and Q&A with Catherine Hardewicke

Click here to read/watch.


First, they’re offering the standard edition DVD for $17. Also, they have an awesome behind the scenes video on the page.

Paris Hilton Has The Hots for Rob Pattinson

Oh Dear, this can’t be good.
Watch out, Robert Pattinson!
It sounds like Paris Hilton wouldn’t mind sinking her teeth into you.
“I just saw Twilight last night for the first time, and I have to say that I think Rob is a beautiful man and an amazing actor,” Hilton gushed to us at Cash Money Records’ Lil Wayne party. “He’s fabulous!”
Yes, Hilton realizes she’s a little a late to the Twilight game…
“Now I understand all the hype,” she explained. “I just didn’t get it before, but now it all makes sense. I really enjoyed the movie and loved watching Rob in it.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is the Top Movie Romance List

(Don’t worry, Twilight made this list!)

Robert Pattinson’s Music Advice

New Moon actor Robert Pattinson has some advice for budding musicians.

He thinks they shouldn’t become obsessed with getting a recording contract.
Rob told Virgin Media: “I don’t think people should look for a contract.
“My sister works so hard to make money and I think it ruins you, I think it’s a lot easier to make money in the acting world, not that it’s easier but there aren’t so many pressures on you.
“You don’t have to be so humble, where in the music industry you have to really bow down to a lot of people to get noticed.”
After the success of Rob’s two tracks on the Twilight soundtrack he could sign a record deal in an instant.
He has promised his fans though that he will concentrate on his acting career and not pursue a music career just yet.

Robert Pattinson’s Roommate Nightmare

Sleeping in the same room as Robert Pattinson would be a nightmare according to his Twilight co-star Edi Gathegi.
Edi plays vampire Laurent in the hit movie.
When Inspire magazine asked Edi which of his costars he would pick if he had to have a roommate he didn’t pick who you would think.
Edi said: “Couldn’t be Kellen because eventually over time I would forget that his genetic code and metabolism is different than most human beings and I would eat all the candy he keeps in his room and end up looking like jabba the hut.
“Living with Rob would probably leave me with insomnia as a result of all the women who would probably be sliding love notes under the door or calling late night and whatnot.
“I would pick Catherine. So we could spend all night writing the next academy award winning script.”

The Jonas Brother’s Think It Would Be Really Cool To Be On The New Moon Soundtrack

Watch the interview here


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