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Robert Pattinson’s Cheesy Love

Robert Pattinson has strong feelings for cheeseburgers.

When he was asked by OK magazine if he had ever experienced an intense relationship like the one his character Edward Cullen has with Bella Swan he gave a wacky answer.

Rob said: “I’ve never experienced that but it must be an amazing feeling to say: ‘I absolutely need you.’

“Sometimes I feel like that about a cheeseburger!”

Rob doesn’t think any of his ex’s will ever sell a kiss and tell on him.

He says: “I don’t think I’ve had anything interesting enough to warrant a kiss and tell.”

He seems to think he is very forgettable: “I don’t think they’d even remember who I am!”


Robert Pattinson Compares Salvador Dali and Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson isn’t just a pretty face. He is an actor who cares about the parts he plays and puts time and effort into researching each role.

Rob might be most famous for playing Edward Cullen in Twilight but he also played Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.

When asked him whether playing Salvador Dali was similar to playing Edward, Robert replied: “It’s not that similar, but again it’s iconic because I guess that Edward is an iconic character too.

“But I just did the same thing, breakdown what you know about him.

“Also, there’s a ton of literature which he wrote and about him and then you just kind of build that back up again. Also, when I was playing him it was when he was very young, 18 to 26 and the story is about his descent or assent into this caricature of which everyone knows.

“He was this chronically shy kid when he was younger.

“So it’s really not playing Dali, per se, apart from towards the end of it – and I’m still not really playing him. It’s more the mood of Dali I think.”


Robert Pattinson Needs Hair Freedom

Robert Pattinson can’t even go out in public without being followed.

A lot has changed for the British actor in the last six months or so.

He finds it strange that his hair is such a hot topic and that people obsess about the way he has his it.

Rob told “Actually, I was in New York doing a radio interview and they’re people sending in messages.

“95% percent of the messages were saying, ‘Take your hat off.’ I was just like, ‘Okay.’

“When people say something has become a trademark you have got to get rid of it. It’s the worst.”

Rob might have cut his hair off just before Christmas but he will have to grow it back for his scenes in new Moon.

Either that or wear a wig!


Rob Praises Harry Potter Costars

Dealing with the constant attention that the media has been giving him, Robert Pattinson says he is impressed by his “Harry Potter” co-stars who know best how to deal with the spotlight. “I think the way the kids from Harry Potter are dealing with fame is by ignoring everything and just living their normal lives as much as they can,” MyPARK Magazine quotes him as telling YOU magazine.

“That has really worked for them. They’re all very sane,” the British hunk continues saying before then referring to Daniel Radcliffe as an obvious example. “I think Daniel lives in the same house he grew up in London. You can just see he has matured. He just wants to do good work. There’s nothing else to it,” he praises the “Harry Potter” leading actor.

Robert at last comes to conclusion as how he has to deal with his celebrity status, saying, “You don’t have to be in L.A. Well, sometimes you do but you don’t have to go to clubs and stuff.”

Prior to his acting breakthrough in hit vampire flick “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson scored the role of Cedric Diggory in the “Harry Potter” film franchise, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. And concerning the success of “Twilight,” he has been billed to reprise his role as Edward Cullen in its sequel, titled “New Moon.” The movie is set for November 20, 2009 U.S. release date.


Times of The Internet: Robert Pattinson On Actors and Acting

It’s been a standard week for Robert Pattinson. That means the heartthrob British actor has spoken about many of the same subjects he’s covered in recent weeks. As usual, he comes across as being a thoughtful person who isn’t taking his fame for granted.

“I think the way the kids from Harry Potter are dealing with fame is by ignoring everything and just living their normal lives as much as they can,” Robert told You.

Pattinson expressed admiration for Daniel Radcliffe, as he’s been prone to do lately.

“That has really worked for them,” he said. “They’re all very sane. I think Daniel lives in the same house he grew up in London. You can just see he has matured.

“He just wants to do good work. There’s nothing else to it.”

Robert says how you behave in Hollwyood is totally up to you.

“You don’t have to be in LA. Well, sometimes you do but you don’t have to go to clubs and stuff.”

Robert talks about when he realized he first wanted to be a professional actor.

“Last year, when I played Salvador Dali. The whole crew was Spanish. I can’t speak Spanish so I obsessed over the part.,” he said.

“I came to a completely different realization about how deep you can go into a character and how you can research a character. It was the first time I’ve been satisfied from a job.
“I wanted to bring that to every job afterward.”

Robert Pattinson says that focus and intensity are the most helpful attributes he can bring to the acting profession.

“I like being able to fully commit to something,” he said. “I have very little outside of my job. So when I do get a job, I like being able to just completely immerse myself in it and abandon the fact that I don’t really have any other interests It gives me a chance to create a life to live so I guess that’s why I like it.”

Source (There’s a video)

Robert Pattinson is confused by LA

Robert Pattinson might have lived in LA for a while now but he still misses some things from back home in England.

Rob has admitted in the past that he isn’t a sporty guy and prefers to chill out watching movies and eating fast food instead.

Catherine Hardwick believes that British boys tend to be like Rob and would rather be in the pub than in the gym.

When he was asked by YOU magazine what he thought about this Rob replied: “It’s definitely true (laughing).

“I guess a lot of the British guys who come to LA get very much into the workout thing.

“There isn’t really like a pub thing in LA. It’s just a very different culture.

“I think people from LA don’t really understand how it’s such a normal thing to be in pubs from a very young age in London.

“People just think it’s so strange. Like drinking has such a stigma attached to it here. I have never really understood it. It seems so normal to me.”

Robert Pattinson Prefers To Touch

Robert Pattinson thinks that touching is important when acting out a scene.

The Little Ashes star revealed all during an interview with YOU magazine.

He was asked whether he was more visually driven or more of a touch person when acting.

Rob told them: “There’s definitely something about the element of touch.

“There are very few times when you’re acting that you actually do get to touch, especially in modern films because it’s always the way the shot is set up.

“It’s just harder to actually get good shots of a lot physicality.

“I guess it does really change things if you can actually hold onto the other actor – it makes a very different situation.”

Robert Pattinson Loved Eminem

Robert Pattinson hasn’t always liked the same type of music.

He might like Van Morrison and James Brown now but he used to be a big Eminem fan.

Rob was asked by Newsround during an interview who his hero was when he was twelve.

His reply will surprise most fans. Rob said: “Probably Eminem as I was really into rap – or Jay Kay from Jamiroquai.”

He was also revealed what his favourite cartoon was back then.

Rob said: “I quite liked Sharkey and George and then there was a cartoon with rapper MC Hammer in it – Hammertime – I loved that cartoon, it was genius!

“They don’t make cartoons like that anymore.”

Robert Pattinson Was Bullied

Robert Pattinson was bullied at school but didn’t let the bullies win.

He came up with a clever way of showing that he didn’t care.

Robert told Newsround: “Someone stole my shoelaces once from my shoes.

“I still wear them and never put laces in them – they’re like my trademark shoes now!”

Rob’s passion for fast food seems to have come from his school days.

He explains: “We didn’t have packed lunches at my school. I was a lunch monitor as well – I used to take everyone’s chips!”

Rob has always been a bit cheeky: “I got expelled from my school when I was 12 – I was quite bad

“I never ever did my homework. I always turned up for lessons as I liked my teachers but my report said I didn’t try very hard.”

Robert Pattinson’s Goat Run

Robert Pattinson is so easy going that he doesn’t really mind when other people make fun of him.

Even his Twilight family members have been getting in on the act.

Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz have been saying that Rob runs like a mountain goat but he isn’t bothered.

When he was asked how he felt about it by MTV he replied: A mountain goat? (Laughs.) I would have said that I run more like a cheese string.

“What does a mountain goat run like?

“That is much more athletic than the way I run.

“I run like a person who has just had their limbs sewn together. I’m not even like a human.”

Robert Pattinson’s Toilet Problem

Robert Pattinson wasn’t the easiest person to talk to whilst Twilight was being filmed.

Solomon Trimble played Sam Uley in the film and never got a chance to speak to Rob properly.

Click here to see the latest photos of Robert and Kristen >

He explained all to Media Blvd: “I didn’t have any scenes with Rob, but I saw some pre-production clips and knew that he was crazy talented. I met Rob twice, but every time we met, he had to pee.

“I saw him at lunch, one day, on set, and I extended my hand and said, “I’m Solomon. I’m playing Sam,” and he replied, “Sorry, I’ve got to piss.” Some crew member asked me “Did he just snub you?,” and I said, “No, the man has to pee.”

“The next time I got a chance to talk to him was after the premiere. I was hanging out with Catherine and her whole crew, up on the rooftop of some bar in L.A., and I saw Rob and he was like, “Damn, every time we meet, I’ve got to piss,” and he walked by me.

“Later that night, we traded phone numbers and I sent him a text saying, “This is Solomon/Sam.” Then, I memorized the number and took it out of my phone because I have a habit of losing my phone when I jog.”

It’s a good job Solomon deleted the number, otherwise we would all be taking up jogging – on the off chance that we could nab his phone!

Catherine Hardewicke Knew Rob Pattinson Was Special

She might not be directing New Moon but Catherine Hardwicke must be happy that she got the chance to direct Robert Pattinson before he was an international star.

Before Twilight not many people had heard of Rpattz, but now he is the hottest actor on the planet.

Catherine Hardwicke told VHM during filming: “Actually, I do feel lucky directing Kristen and Rob, because their faces are so beautiful.

“They’re expressive. Their skin is just porcelain, and sometimes I am literally watching the monitor and I’m going, “Oh, I’m so excited!” just about jumping up and down. But I don’t want to say anything, because I want to keep them in the moment.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m getting gold here. And it is very exciting.”

Kristen might not be as accident prone as Bella in real life but she still managed to pull it off.

Kristen added: “I haven’t hurt myself on set; I’ve hurt myself off-set. It’s surprisingly difficult to do it on cue. I’m not the most graceful of people, but it’s like physical comedy — it’s hard to do. Unless you’re actually tripping, it just looks fake.

“But I’m doing my best. I’m no Buster Keaton, but I’m trying.”

Robert Pattinson’s fame death

Robert Pattinson doesn’t seem to think he will be a big star for much longer.

He might have millions of fans and be the best actor Britain has produced in decades but Rob doesn’t think his fame will last.

When he was asked by whether his Harry Potter experience prepared him for ‘the whole pop culture phenomenon of Twilight’ he replied: “Having it die down afterwards.

“Having it being the hot thing for a few months and then it just going and no one giving a sh-t.

“It helps. It helps once you get used to it and know that no one will care. Once you’re immune to failure, it’s like nothing matters.”

He was also asked if he was still doing music.

Rob joked: “Not so much anymore. Since I was on the soundtrack I’ve given up.”


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