Rob Round-Up (because it’s just been too long since you had one)

Robert Pattinson’s Stalker Threat

Robert Pattinson might have millions of female fans but some of them are quite scary.

Poor Rob can’t even find refuge at home.

They have found out where he lives and they are determined to get to know the Twilight star personally.

Rob told OK magazine: “There was a group of girls that left little notes in my car, outside of my apartment.

“One of the first notes said: I’m not weird, but please call me.

“The next day the note said: Please don’t ignore me.

“And the next day it said I’m going to kill myself if you keep ignoring me! (but I’m not weird, ok?).”


Robert Pattinson’s Parent Warning

Robert Pattinson might have lots of female fans but some parents can’t stand the Twilight hero.

They think he isn’t a good role model for their daughters as he looks like he is seducing Kristen Stewart on the Twilight movie poster.

They just don’t understand the real message behind the film.

Rob explained to OK magazine: “They should keep in mind that vampires can’t have sex.

“That theme is very important for parents, because in the books there’s an underlying message of abstinence and how important it is.

“I also think that the character of Bella in kind of a role model because she’s sensitive and passionate. To be honest, the content in Twilight is pretty harmless.”

Even when Bella and Edward have sex in the fourth book (Breaking Dawn) it is after marriage.


Rob Pattinson’s Special Smell

Robert Pattinson fans don’t seem to mind that their favourite actor doesn’t like washing or changing his clothes.

They love his honesty in interviews and the fact that he isn’t like other young Hollywood actors.

When he was asked by OK magazine if the rumour that he hates having to change clothes was true Rob replied: “Yes, I rarely do it.

“For this interview I wore this clean pair of jeans, but there have been moments were I can’t even stand my own smell.”

Rob explained why he struggles to change clothes: “I just have very few clothes that I like. And I’m always travelling, so I have no time to wash it.

“It’s pathetic, why am I telling you this?”

We don’t mind what Robert wears – he still looks gorgeous!


Robert Pattinson’s Hair Trauma

Robert Pattinson has finally revealed the reason why his hair is so important to him.

He might have chopped it all off before Christmas but it is believed that he is growing it back for New Moon.

Rob told OK magazine: “It’s just grease. I just don’t wash it, ever.

“My dad loved to brush my hair (when I was younger) and I hated that.

“It’s funny how part of my personality has a lot to do with my hair.”

Rob constantly runs his fingers through his hands during interviews and many fans long to see his trademark locks back.

Edward Cullen just wouldn’t be the same with short hair.


Rob’s Special Girl

If you want to date Robert Pattinson you need to know a little bit about what he likes.

It doesn’t matter what colour your hair is or how tall you are as the 22-year-old British actor doesn’t have a type.

Robert told OK magazine: “I don’t know, my tastes change all the time. I used to love crazy girls who were hard to get.

“But not anymore. Right now I don’t have a special type.”

Could Rob be hinting that he might have met his perfect girl?

Rob added: “If anyone needs me to protect her, I will.

“But unlike my character, I’m not overprotective at all.”


Robert Pattinson Dates a Stalker

Robert Pattinson has just admitted that he took a stalker on a date.

He revealed all to Creme magazine.

Rob said: “I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year.

“She stood outside of my apartment every day for weeks – all day every day. I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her.

“I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back.

“People get bored of me in, like, two minutes.”

It’s such a shame that Rob feels like he bores people – we would love to go on a date with him!


Robert Pattinson’s Prison Joke

Robert Pattinson likes pretending that he’s been in prison.

He might seem confident onscreen but he isn’t when it comes to chatting up girls in real life.

Rob told Creme magazine: “Sometimes I sit next to a girl and say in a really serious voice, ‘I just got out’ (of prison).

“You should see the horror in their eyes. I guess I’m not really a chat-up line guy.

“I prefer them to come up to me.”

Rob seems to think that there’s something about him that girls don’t like.

He added: “I’m a relationship kind of guy, but no-one seems to want to get into a relationship with me.”

Poor Rob!


Robert Pattinson Loves Being Antisocial

Robert Pattinson seems to enjoy challenging himself and wasn’t afraid to cut himself off whilst filming Twilight.

He spoke about the passion he has for acting in an interview for Tu magazine.

Rob said: “I don’t like the word acting. I prefer the word creating, because I want to build a character with an idea that turns into something that people will remember.

“In every job that I’ve done, I’ve put something of my life into it, I try to add my life into the movie. Every period of my life in which I’ve played a different character, I’ve been a different person.

Rob the rebel: “I have friends and different lifestyles. In real life I’ve never been completely antisocial, although I was a bit when we were shooting in Portland, and that comes with small disadvantages.

“If you don’t speak to another person in a few weeks, you start feeling afraid of them, even when you order food at a restaurant. If I didn’t go to pubs or bars I would be running away in the middle of the night (laughs).”


Kristen Stewart Opens Her Heart To Robert Pattinson

We all want to see Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson step out in real life.

Everyone can see that they have a special bond and would look great together.

Kristen recently told Tu magazine: “The chemistry between artists is difficult to define.

“But in my case when I looked at Robert it was like I could look into his heart, and he could do the same, and that was very important.

“That’s how I would describe the chemistry between us.”

When Rob was asked if he thought great chemistry could be created he replied: “You can create it, in a way. But since the beginning of this project something happened with Kristen and she made me feel so good.

“On the other hand, if you stay in character for too long the good chemistry will just disappear.”


Robert Pattinson’s Big Refusal

Robert Pattinson has never been afraid to speak his mind.

It’s a good job, otherwise we would have seen a very different Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Rob was really shocked when he was told what hair and make up he would be expected to wear in the film.

He told BOP magazine: “Initially they wanted me to wear really long vampire hair, down to my waist.

“That wasn’t going to happen!”

Rob also struggled with his contact lenses.

He explained: “I can’t wear contacts.

“It took me 20 minutes to get them in every morning.”



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