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Book Recomendation by Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer has added a new book recommendation on her website. The book is called The Girl Who Could Fly and is written by Victoria Forester. Click here to read the article on Stephenie’s site.

Kaleb Nation (the Twilight Guy) has a new post.

Kaleb has updated his site with his opinion on Chapter 20 of Eclipse. Read his thoughts here.

The MTV staff unwraps Edward Dolls

This article has a video MTV staffers unwrapping the dolls, as well as 5 reasons the love the plastic version of Rob/Edward.

1.) He looks so stylish wearing Edward’s trademark grey wool coat, dark denim jeans, and t-shirt.

2.) He came with shoes and socks, because we all know vampires and dolls need socks. But would Edward really need socks since he’s “cold” all the time doesn’t really sweat? Point to ponder.

3.) He would never go on a date with Barbie.

4.) He’d totally kick Ken’s ass in a fight.

5.) He resembles Robert Pattinson, and anything that resembles Robert Pattinson is going to be awesome.


Sundance Interview With Kristen Stewart

There’s an awesome Kristen interview on It’s too long to post here, so go read it!

MediaBlvd Magazine has an interview with Sarah Clarke (Renee)

She talks about her new show and about New Moon.

MediaBlvd> You’ve been involved with two high-profile projects, with 24 and Twilight. Do you get fans from both, or is Twilight overshadowing everything now?

Sarah> It’s a totally different fan base, in each case. With Twilight, people are so obsessed with that book, and they really want to know the ins and outs of what people think. Just going onto the first book, I couldn’t say anything about what’s going to happen next. I’ve just read New Moon, so I’m just now getting familiar with it. I would say it’s completely different groups of fans. With 24, I get very technical questions about the ins and outs of the CIA and anti-terrorist work. With Twilight, they ask, “Do you like werewolves or vampires?”

MediaBlvd> What are the Twilight fans like?

Sarah> There are a lot of little girls, and then there are the women that have this love affair with this vampire that they want to know about. But, being the mom, I get a little less of that than Robert Pattinson gets.

It’s a pretty long article, so make sure to read the rest!

10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Twilight

Times of the Internet has an article about Twilight obsession. They say if 5 or more apply to you, you’re obsessed. How obsessed are you?

Almost everybody loves “Twilight,” but what happens when you just go too damn far? What are the signs that your love for Twilight has crossed the line into obsession? We’ve created this handy check list to help you decided if you need professional assistance with your Twilight Obsession.

10) You’ve memorized every line of the book series
9) You refer to yourself as a “Twilight Scholar”
8) Your screen name is a Twilight character’s name
7) You spend all day blogging about the movie
6) You are set to receive Twitter updates about “New Moon”
5) You think Catherine Hardwicke should be the next President of the United States
4) You actually think you have a future with either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner
3) You just know in your heart that vampires are real
2) You’re sure Twilight is non-fiction
1) You have your Google Alerts set to notify you anytime anyone in the world mentions Twilight even once.

If 5 or more of these statements apply to you, you may already be too far gone to help. If all 10 are applicable, all we can do is send some good vibes and hope for the best.


Ace Showbiz has an article about Rob being homesick.

British movie star Robert Pattinson says being away from his native U.K., due to his work commitment, leads him to feel home sick that he once wanted to cry. “I miss the smell of London … I almost cried because I missed it so much. And I miss my dog [Patty, a female West Highland white terrier],” so he reveals, adding, “I miss being able to go for a walk.”

Speaking of his current residence, Pattinson says he stays in Los Angeles, but has not yet decided to permanently settle in the city. “I haven’t moved to L.A. for good. I live in a rented apartment where all of the furniture is rented,” he openly admits.

Prior to his starring role as Edward Cullen in hit vampire flick “Twilight,” Robert Pattinson is known for portraying the character of Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter” films. Despite his worldwide fame, he recently revealed popularity doesn’t change him. He insisted, “I live the same exact life as before; I have the same friends and the same preferences. I haven’t changed at all”.


5 Most Anticipated Scenes in New Moon

Click here to see the list of scenes each of the major Twilight Sites wanted to see in New Moon.

Peter Talks To Popeater About Dakota

Even though actor Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in ‘Twilight,’ admits he hasn’t been keeping up with all the ‘New Moon’ rumors, he is excited to hear that Dakota Fanning might be joining the cast as vampire Jane. “She is a phenomenal actress… [The role of Jane] would be great for her,” Facinelli exclusively told PopEater.
“I always think of her as this 12-year-old girl, but she is older now. What is she like 16 now?” he joked.
Fanning, who turns 15 in February, is in talks to play bloodsucker Jane opposite Robert Pattinson in ‘New Moon.’ The character of Jane is described in casting docs as a terrifying petite blond with a “Botticelli angel-like face… [and] crimson irises.”
According to reports, there were no auditions and the part was just handed to Fanning. Facinelli believes she will make a great addition to the cast and bring something new to the movie.
“I have been very fortunate to work with great people. The [‘Twilight’] cast is really great. We are like a family,” Facinelli said. “[During filming] I took on the father figure role, and they were all my kids. I love all of them,” he added.


Cam Gigandet Online has added some awesome new pics of the hot nomad.

Click here to see more!

Watch this video of Kellan talking cars, gummy bears, and other things.

Click to see it.

An awesome Daniel Radcliffe article.

Click here to read about what he thinks of Rob’s new fame.

TA’s list of 10 Things To Do Until The DVD Release

10. Watch ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and try to figure out how Cedric Diggory became a vampire.

9. Listen to “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” over and over until it finally makes sense.

8. Take random trips to the nearest Volvo dealership. (You know, just in case…)

7. Torture your significant other with different types of glitter to achieve that perfect ‘Edward sparkle’!

6. Find a new form of recreation – look for the perfect Edward and Bella meadow, learn to drive a motorbike with your best friend, or start a new cliff diving team.

5. Watch the weather report religiously and wait for a thunderstorm. (Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch a glimpse of the Cullens playing baseball!)

4. Get the cardboard standee of Edward and make him accompany you to the movies

3. Print out the ‘Twilight’ script and force your family to act out the whole movie.

2. Sit through as many Rob interviews as necessary until you can cut and splice it to sound like a marriage proposal. (To you, of course!)

1. Go on TA, duh!


A TA forum member has posted an awesome article (with images) about filming in Portland, Oregon.

She even has pictures of Bella’s house! Click here to check it out.

Twilight Valentines

Novel Novice has some Twilight Valentines that you can save and print at home.


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