Just catching up…

MTV article on the Twilight Dolls…
Click here to read the article and watch the video. It’s pretty entertaining the way she freaks out.

New Moon Movie.org is having a Teaser Poster Contest.

Go to the site to see details and rules.

Also, His Golden Eyes is having a Twilight Cake Contest.

See details here.

Taylor Lautner Article on BAM’s Blog

Now that Taylor Lautner has been confirmed for “New Moon,” I went back to my notes from my interview with the young star from the “Twilight” junket last fall in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Lautner plays Jacob Black, pal of heroine Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), in “Twilight.” In the second book, “New Moon,” Jacob begins turning into a werewolf. The transformation puts Bella between two loyalties: her boyfriend, Edward (Robert Pattinson) is a vampire, and vampires and werewolves are enemies.

Chris Weitz, who is directing the film version of “New Moon,” recently tapped Lautner for the sequel, after determining that the teen star would be convincing in the role. In “New Moon,” Jacob grows bigger and stronger as he transforms into a werewolf. Lautner has been bulking up for months in preparation to play Jacob in the sequel.

“Jacob’s character gets so cool. It is so more in-depth in the rest of the series. When he turns into a werewolf it is like he has two separate personalities. When he’s himself he’s this nice outgoing guy and when he goes werewolf on you he’s super intense and Bella’s just blown away like ‘what is with this freak now,’” Lautner said in the interview.

Lautner said he was unfamiliar with Stephenie Meyer’s mega-best-selling “Twilight” books until he tried out for the role.

“I had not even heard about ‘Twilight’ until I auditioned for it and then as soon as I was cast I was like, what am I getting myself into? I was blown away and so incredibly excited,” he said.

Lautner received a great deal of support from “Twilight” fans, which undoubtedly helped him keep the role. Now, the excitement continues for the young star – and the fans who love him as Jacob.

See more.

TA has posted the merchandise comparison for the week.

Best Prices!

Twilight original motion picture soundtrack: Amazon and Target tie at $9.99

Twilight original score: Amazon and Target tie at $12.99

(However it is cheaper if you go to Target and get it, with Amazon, you will have a $2 shipping charge unless your order total comes to $25 or more.)

Twilight soundtrack (special edition vinyl LP): Hot Topic at $24.99

(However it’s only cheaper if you go in to Hot Topic and buy it. If you order online your shipping will be $6.95, which at that point Amazon would be cheaper at $27.53 with $2 shipping.)

Twilight original motion picture soundtrack on mp3 download: Amazon at $8.99

(Itunes charges $11.99 but you also get 3 bonus tracks including Rob Pattinson’s song “Let Me Sign”)

Twilight original score on mp3 download: Amazon at $8.99


Box Office Mojo Twilight Stats

Box Office Mojo Twilight Statistics

Growing 24 percent and climbing to second place, Twilight finally saw an opening in the same league as its U.S. debut. In Germany, the vampire romance led with a remarkable $7.2 million, which was bigger than past action hits 300 and War of the Worlds, better than comedy hits American Wedding and Meet the Fockers and more than five times the size of all the Underworld pictures. Elsewhere, Twilight remained No. 1 in France, earning $9.8 million in two weeks, and opened in first place in Austria with $573,617. Overall, it made $15.6 million over the weekend from 40 markets for a $139.7 million tally.

Domestic: $186,027,660
Foreign: $140,048,970
Worldwide: $326,076,630



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