This is crazy!

So, I’m sitting here watching The Duchess (great movie, by the way), and Kiera Knightley’s face was just bugging me. I finally figured out why..she looked familiar. Not just Elizabeth SWAN (yeah, great last name right?) familiar, but there was something else. She looked like someone and and I couldn’t figure out who it was. At first, I just thought it was someone I knew from school…and then I figured it out. Kiera Knightley and Rob could be freaking twins! So of course I scrambled around and put together this image:
This is ridiculous!
What do you guys think? Please comment!


5 responses to “This is crazy!

  1. Okay, believe it or not I actually said the very same thing when the movie open in November of 2008. Now this is not a coincidence that you saying the very same thing. They look like freaking twins! My two daughters said I had seeing problem.

  2. Hi Twilighttabloid It may be a possibility that they are brother and sister and do not even know it. When I told my daughter about this site they said “I do not see it” so eyes are clouded. It is apparent only to non-judgmental eyes. Thanks for have a keen eye like myself. Now I do not feel like I am crazy! LOL

  3. Yeah.. I feel the same, too.. Just like you, at first I was bugged by Keira’s face.. Too familiar.. But I thought I was wrong.. I thought maybe it’s just a coincidence.. But when I read your post, I have no doubt anymore! They could be twins! Keira is so beautiful and Rob is so HOT!! Maybe that’s the most important resemblance.. LOL..

  4. Yes!!! BUt He has blue eyes end his eyebrows are biger! But they are twins! I can’t believe it! The only thing is that she is way older then him! WOW they really look allmost the same! :o :) :O

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