Your Tidbits for the Day

The Lexicon has a post up about Twilight Comparisons.

Check it out here.

Lately it seems like everytime there is a hyper crowd there’s a Twilight comparison. When the paparazzi are out, suddenly there are questions of “What is Pattinson around?”

It seems like all of a sudden everyone is comparing their upcoming project to Twilight.

Tony Potts of Access Hollywood knew Kristen Stewart’s dad, but didn’t even know it!

He shares his experience here.

The girls over at the Twilight Lexicon have also put up some news about some of the upcoming conventions if you’re interested.

“The Hillywood Show” Twilight Special

exclusive sneak peek into “The Hillywood Show’s” special on ‘Twilight’. It is the most anticipated parody from “The Hillywood Show” this year and it has already been featured on ten different “Twilight” sites! Look for it soon Twilighters! Coming February of 2009!
Bella Swan played by Hilly Hindi
Edward Cullen played by Special Guest Star (Robert Pattinson look-a-like)

For more information on this parody and all the updates visit:


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