Rob Round-Up—January 23rd

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The Robert Pattinson Profile Project

I’ve spent more hours than I should contemplating the mystery that is Robert Pattinson. The actor was born in 1986, same year as myself, but has managed to achieve phenomenal amounts of fame in an incredibly short period of time. Who is this Robert Pattinson and why can’t we get enough of him?

When my editor first asked me to write a profile of Mr. Pattinson, I rebelled a bit. I’ve been sucker-punched by plenty of vehement Twilight fan girls (aged twelve to one foot in the grave) and I wasn’t sure I wanted the pressure of writing a hardcore piece on “Edward’s” life. There are always online trolls who have a way of rooting out the most minor of flaws and my thin skin was starting to blister from all the burns. Instead, I applied some balm, pulled on my big girl pants and figured that I should probably get to know Robert Pattinson better if I was to ever understand the fascination with his person.

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Another Perez sighting in a London Pub, see the article here.

Another day night, another bar.

He’s just having fun on his downtime!

Perezcious reader Kelly luckily ran into everybody’s favorite, Robert Pattinson, at a random pub in the Islington part of London.

Lucky gal!

Robert Pattinson: “I believe in love at first sight”

Read full article here.

Robert Pattinson insists he’s a true romantic at heart and believes in falling in love at first sight.

Despite reports of some less than gentlemanly behaviour, the Twilight actor says that love can be completely spontaneous with the right person.

Rob’s Used-to-Be Hair

Here’s a rather funny gallery of Robert Pattinson’s “Hairy Moments”

Britney Spears and Robert Pattinson Voted 2008’s Most Attractive Stars

Britney Spears and Robert Pattinson have been named the most attractive celebrities of 2008 in a new poll.

The pop princess – who did a complete 180 from off-the-rails to comeback queen last year – has been named most attractive female.

Whilst Twilight heartthrob Rob has taken the title for the males, thanks to readers.

Over half a million votes were cast in the annual online poll, which also saw Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler and Daniel Craig claim spots in the top five


Rob Says Fame Hasn’t Changed Him

Robert Pattinson says that, despite his success as Edward Cullen in vampire flick Twilight, he isn’t raking in the big bucks just yet.

The actor – who recently confessed that failure doesn’t scare him – insists that his status as part of Hollywood’s young elite isn’t making him as much money as he would like.


Perez: Vintage Rob Pattinson

Click to see it.


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