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Photos of Kristen Stewart at Sundance

Just Jared Jr. has added pics of Kristen at the Sundance Film Festival.

Reelz Channel Interview with Edi Gathegi

Interview with Edi Gathegi. Edi talks about New Moon and future plans.

MTV Interview with Kristen at Sundance

Check out the interview (and video) here.

Kristen poses for MTV photobooth at Sundance

Kristen and her Adventureland costar Margarita Levieva posed for pictures.
Kristen and Margarita at Photobooth
See them here.

Studios are proceeding with caution for 2010-11, Including New Moon Last fall, studios were bullish with plans to put 40 or more films in production to fill 2010 and 2011 slates. The majors might still meet that goal, but it hardly feels like a bull market so far.

The stars of “Twilight,” Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who are still in talks, will likely cash low-seven-figure upfront paychecks for sequel “New Moon.” They likely won’t, however, be allowed to sink their fangs into first-dollar gross as they hoped. That film’s financier, Summit, hasn’t yet paid first-dollar gross and sells off its foreign territories. One possible compromise is bonuses pegged to box office performance.

Full article

Reuters article on Kristen Stewart
“Kristen Stewart Rides the Roller Coaster of Fame”

Vampire romance “Twilight” hurtled Kristen Stewart to the kind of fame that can turn a life into a roller coaster ride, so it seems appropriate that her new movie revolves around an amusement park.
“Adventureland,” which premiered this week at the Sundance Film Festival, is one of a string of quirky movies Stewart, 18, has starred-in since her first film at age 11.

Full article

Why All Women Like Twilight

Video Journalist Libby Volgyes wrote an article on why she thinks “all” women love Twilight.

So I’m a little fashionably late coming to the “Twilight” party, which I really have no problem with. But after seeing the movie last year, a good friend finally took pity on me and lent me the first book to devour. Since everyone and their grandmother (or grand-baby) knows about “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer and most tween girls have probably written much better plot summaries than I can, this entry is going to be a bit more muse-y.

Full article

TA’s Wacky Wednesday Photo Captioning Contest

Click to see captions from last week and submit captions for this pic:
Caption this!

Democrat Herald: Things you should know before heading to Twilight Central

This is an adorable article! He’s a brave man to travel to Forks with a bunch of women. :)

Editor’s Note: When this Forks boy takes two daughters, three friends and his wife to the birthplace of Twilight while celebrating his anniversary, you learn a few things, some of them that even matter.

1. On a holiday weekend with extraordinary good weather for good measure, expect to see more young girls than at a Miley Cirus concert. We found them everywhere, in front of signs, taking pictures and snapping up Twilight merchandise.

Rob Wins Most Attractive Poll in Hello Magazine

Why am I not surprised? Click to read about how Rob won out over Orlando Bloom, David Tennant and Daniel Craig.

Rob is featured in Life and Style
Robert is being featured in the Life & Style magazine with new president Obama.

More recent Rob articles

Rob Struggles with his looks
Robert Pattinson’s Heartbreak at Film Premiere
Rob’s not afraid of anything anymore
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Rob’s Writing Dream


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