Overnight News

Edward and Bella have been cartoonized!

Cartoonize the world has already cartoonized Robert and Kristen, and recently sent all email subscribers a wallpaper-sized combination of the two.

The Vitamin String Quartet plays



The Vitamin String Quartet played the songs from Twilight! Check it out on Itunes.

Pics from the Perez user sighting:

Click here for pics of the Rob sighting that “silenced the room.”

Courtney Love wants her daughter to date Rob
Courtney Love told interviewers on Monday that she wants her daughter to date Rob. I think its safe to say Little Miss Love would have to fight off a LOT of girls to reach that goal.

Rob says “Girls like men with flaws”

He says, “I found that women prefer men with small flaws—bad boys.

“They don’t always open the door for you, but they promise adventure. A guy like James Dean would always win out against a gentleman… He’s a cool guy.

Click to see full article.

Rob praises Kristen’s acting and delivers one of his famous confusing statements.

In this article, Rob praises Kristen’s acting, explaining for the millionth time that she was part of the reason he wanted to do the movie. He also says he would like a suit for jumping. To quote Charlie in Eclipse “So yeah…good luck figuring that one out.” :)
Click here for the article. (There’s a typo at the beginning–they call Kristen “Emily”)

RPattz idolizes Captain Jack Sparrow

Our friend Spunk Ransom talks about how he would like to emulate Johnny Depp’s acting career.

Kristen Talks Twilight Sequel

E! Online caught up with Kristen at the Sundance Adventureland booth. Click to see what she has to say about New Moon and new director Chris Weitz (video interview!).

How do YOU feel about the new director?

Summit Recieves Nielson Impact Award at Sundance

Summit Entertainment co-chairs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger recently received the Nielsen Impact Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Click here to read more about it.

Summit co-chairs at Sundance



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